A Psalm of Rest (Based on the 23rd Psalm)

jan and Phil In Ireland

jan in pasture

I wrote this psalm a number of years ago as I was visiting my son, Phil at a Bible School in Germany. I had just undergone surgery five weeks earlier to remove a malignant melanoma from my leg. I almost wasn’t able to make the trip because I did a really dumb thing just days after the operation.  Living up to my self-appointed role of super-woman, with the surgical drain still in my leg, I attempted to take down all the Christmas decorations at our church. As a result of my stupidity, I had a serious set-back in my recovery and was only able to go on the trip because one of the special friends that went with me, just happened to be a nurse. Even though I spent the trip limping around, we had a wonderful time in Germany and took a side-trip to Northern Ireland. As I looked at all the peaceful beauty of the green pastures and the sheep grazing there, I heard a still, small voice as God whispered to my heart to slow down the pace of my life. This psalm was the result.

A Psalm of Rest (Based on the 23rd Psalm)

Lord lead me…

To a place of rest and refreshment, a place to be renewed

My heart longs for the lush green pastures

You make me lie down

Lord lead me…

A place of watching and listening and waiting

A place where You fill my heart to overflowing…

My soul rejoices in the cool quietness of still water

It delicately shimmers with Your reflection

My spirit walks hand in hand with Yours, on mountains and through valleys

You reveal treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places…

I am unafraid with You, my Gentle Comforter as my Guide

You restore my soul as I bask in Your eternal Goodness, feather-light Grace, deep Mercy and tenacious Love.

You lavishly pour over, in and through me…

Your sweet oil of gladness, Your pure oil of cleansing and forgiveness, Your rich oil of power…

For Your glory

I Choose, I Declare, I Commit to slow my frantic pace…

To flow in the dancing rhythm of Your Son all the days of my life

As I joyfully dwell,

As You graciously dwell within me,

As I peacefully dwell and rest…

In Your arms Forever.


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