A Prayer For Today

shan_sunrise2My prayer for today is that I may live simply, honestly and compassionately in a very complex, dishonest and harsh world. Lord, help me not to become cynical or disheartened with what I see with my human eyes, but remind me that life is a precious gift from You and that there is beauty in this world because Your Spirit is here.  Your Spirit gives testimony of Your goodness, splendor and faithfulness, gloriously displayed in Your creation and through the thoughtful, unselfish, deliberate acts of compassion being carried out by people daily.  Help me to see the world and all who live here through Your eyes, as I humbly ask for Your guidance today.  My life is a gift from You that I joyfully and gratefully give back to You, to be used for Your greatest purpose.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer For Today

  1. Lovely prayer. Lately, many messages along this vein have been brought into my awareness…devotions, blog posts, Facebook postings, magazine articles…all speaking about living in peace, kindness, thankfulness, honesty and love in a world that welcomes all the opposites with open arms. Only with God in our hearts and the Holy Spirit’s guidance can we even hope to be the light that Jesus means for us to be. Thank you for this prayer.


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