The Miracle

Oh, the incredible depth of Christ’s love for us.  He was fully God, yet He humbled Himself to be born in a stable, lived as a man among hateful people, and willingly yielded His life to be crucified, even though He’d done no wrong. The beauty of His life was displayed in the unconditional love He demonstrated to the broken, sinful, and vengeful people He came to redeem.  He treated the adulterer, tax collector, leper, prostitute, insane, outcast, and forgotten with such compassion that they were irresistibly drawn to the love and new life He offered. Those closest to Him, He trusted fully and served unreservedly, even washing their feet on the very night He was betrayed with a kiss. He quietly retreated to a lonely garden to cry out to His Father about the brutal path that was before Him and His dearest friends fell asleep. He healed a soldier who had been sent to the garden to lead Him to His death and then faced a court of enraged religious leaders, haughty Romans, and a blood-thirsty mob convened to crucify Him. He was brutally beaten, spat upon and ridiculed, then carried His cross along the path of suffering, weeping over those He had come to save. He finally arrived at the place of His death where He allowed soldiers to force a crown of thorns on His head, gamble for His clothing, pull His beard, spit on Him and mock Him as they nailed His bruised and bloody body to the cross. Even as His life was ebbing away He reached out with forgiveness to a thief on the cross next to His, and pardoned a world that wasn’t asking to be forgiven. With His last breaths He cried out to His Heavenly Father asking why He’d been forsaken and finally declared, “It is finished” ripping apart the veil that had shrouded the entrance into God’s presence. With a final thrust of a sword, mankind stabbed the heart of the One who had died to rescue them. Broken hearted, pierced and bloodied, His body was laid in a borrowed grave as His spirit entered the gates of hell. The tomb was sealed and satan boldly boasted that death had won.

Three days of desperate darkness shrouded the earth; hopelessness and despair reigned, accompanied by the malevolent taunts of everything evil.

Until…In one earth shattering moment the Father spoke; forever crushing satan and his demonic legions with the glorious and triumphant resurrection of Love.  Jesus Christ broke free from the chains of sin and death; the enemy was defeated and Love was victorious!

This Easter may you experience the overwhelming love of God and the undeniable power of Christ’s resurrection. He Has Risen!


The angel (at the tomb) said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Matthew 28:5-6

Forever by Kari Jobe

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